Model United Nation

  1. Our school participated in MUNQS- MUN organized by DPS Mathura Road in the month of October 2011. A delegation of six students participated in the event.
  2. MUN club of our school conducted various Intra MUN in the school campus to train the students for Inter school MUNs.
  3. These Intra MUNs were organized in the month of April, July, November & December.
  4. Our school also participated in the MODERN-MUN  New Delhi in the month of November 2011. Two students participated in the event.
  5. Ryan International, Vasant Kunj organized MUN in the month of April 2012. Our school participated in the event through a delegation of four students.
  6. Ryan International, Sohna Road organized inter school MUN from 2 to 3 May2012. Our school sent a delegation of six students to participate in the event.
  7. The MUN Club of our school plans to conduct various Intra MUNs in 2012-13 in the months of July, August, October & November.  
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